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11 things in Sorrento

This week on this big lake we’re heading on the boat from Naples to Sorrento and it feels so good to be on a boat again these ancient Roman getaways are beyond comparison and we’re getting to learn what Sorrento was made of fine ceramic limoncello and some of the best shopping in the country luckily my Airbnb is really close to town center so anyone it’s not TV it’s self discovery all this on this big life good morning Sam got sunburned again so it hurts to hold my bags we are on our way to the port of Napoli to Sorrento that early morning 85 degrees just a mild 85 [Music] that’s our friend at the bar just gave me that let’s share you want to share [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you made it this place is a little Roman paradise so the driver is at restaurant Villa Bianca feel a private boat ride in my future [Music] we made it very nice pizza boy song oh really [Music] come on man [Music] he’s humble you got this come on there deported [Music] in I’m Marty maybe I know that baby [Music] baby I know [Music] Hey [Music] Hey [Music] get some food so it’s like a ten minute walk so we’re going through the little sorrento village to the main square and where the grocery stores are and where the restaurants are i’m really feeling like a little adventurous my birthday’s in a few days I booked an all-day excursion on the boat for eight hours for my birthday so we’re gonna do that we’re gonna see all the different-colored grottoes we’re going to see the island of Capri we made an account on tinder so it’s time to get that sorrento look on [Music] you got these come on No [Music] Oh we just went to Munich oh I bought a lovely dress that was 50% off this is a really cool store artists community here actually a little surprised by what I’m here [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] there are freaking fireworks going on right now and I don’t know why so here’s a total face my fears moment I literally hate fireworks like I hate them like I’m terrified [Music] [Music] [Music] we don’t have to go to the store everything’s here it’s not as sour as I would expect it to me it’s fun eating right off the plant so this is the first lemon I’ve ever had where I actually want more of the Rhine like it’s called bread lemon you want to eat the white part because it actually tastes good this your Vespa yes okay so this is my helmet yeah okay okay yes your nose thank you [Applause] [Music] this is totally a the lemon orchard just like in the middle of town or maybe this is like a limoncello farm this would be the perfect place to try to women show up this place has a ton of different flavored limoncellos like a licorice and a walnut [Music] next week on this big light happy birthday to me for my birthday I decided to climb the island of Capri while walking through the villa Rose all the way to the other side and then getting back on the boat to go underneath it and we planned a date for my birthday and I don’t know how I feel about it rain what are you doing it’s not TV it’s self discovery all this on this big life.

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