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Living in italy

last week I couldn’t publish because my computer broke and had to be repaired in part one I discussed the one-off setup costs of moving to Italy finding an apartment showed you different rental prices across the country in part two I took you for an in-depth grocery shop and shared why I believe easily offers so much cultural beauty for free this episode let’s look at some of the possible monthly costs I’m going to talk you through the following phone credit Wi-Fi subscriptions taxis dinner out gifts when you’re invited into someone’s home flowers gym hairdresser therapy I thought this might be interesting for you to look at how Italian cities compare globally with a general cost of living now I don’t believe it’s easy to come up with these figures for any accuracy but it’s interesting to note how many American cities the city of Sydney Australia Toronto Canada are all listed here before we see a single Italian city finally there is Milan but I know very few expats who move there by choice unless you transferred with a company it’s more likely you’d move to Florence or Rome if you are thinking of studying Italian which I believe is the case for many of you and and they’re much much further down so anyway I thought some of you might find this interesting [Music] okay let’s look at coffee for example if you consider going out for coffee and a pastry for breakfast or morning tea easily is one of the cheapest places even in the most upmarket streets of Rome or Florence of course I am a bit of a purist I drink my coffee black and short I grew up in quite a European home I mean we always had espresso no froth milk sugar nothing diluting it and an excellent espresso in a historic cafe with a view of magnificent architecture costs me as little as a sea chanteys I mean a great just 80 cents freshly baked cornet tea or croissants filled with quality chocolate or crema frosty Shira costs only one euro when I go back to Australia even with the horrible exchange rate which brings 80 cents up to one dollar 30 I could not find quality espresso anywhere even in an airport kiosk for that amount [Music] I suppose I do save a lot of money because I’ve never drunk I’ve never smoked I’ve never done drugs and also I grew up on quite a healthy diet so I happily turn a can of chickpeas for 60 cents into hummus and eat it with delicious baked vegetables or raw vegetables which just cost me two euros so the meal total is 2 euro 60 which is quite reasonable I’ve never had a car so I do save on parking on petrol on fines I never use the Metro the the subway even once in my hope in all of my time living in Rome I rarely use taxis I go everywhere by bicycle or on foot I recommend signing up to Trenitalia and also eat alow the train companies because it’s good to buy your tickets in advance and you’ll be notified when they have sales and then you can buy tickets for domestic travel like a weekend trip up to Venice or down to the Amalfi Coast and you get really good prices this way I’ve always paid a little bit more for an apartment with Sol with some visual Beauty because this is my office it is my film and editing studio it’s where I invite clients it’s where I get inspiration because I work from home ok let’s look at your phone credit now unless you have an Italian bank account you won’t be eligible for all the yearly packages that offer really cheap rates you’ll have to choose the recharge option you want to ask for owner scared or wanna sim telefónica Rika Rika Bueller Rika Rika peeler most phone companies I found initially don’t allow recharges with a foreign card online so be aware that you’ll have to go into a store every month to recharge unless you can pay via a PayPal account and everyone in Italy uses whatsapp everyone like even plumbers if you have a plumber or someone come or even I mean I think I even had like a gynecologist who is messaging me on what’s happened using little emoticons like hey how’s everything going so yes whatsapp is is crucial if you if you live in Italy I’m paying 20 euro a month and that gives me calls and messages and data I hate to speak on the phone I rarely ever call I mean I I mean I speak to friends mostly on on whatsapp and when I’m on Wi-Fi keep in mind also that even if the apartment that you’ve rented says it has Wi-Fi the walls are so thick in in so many of these old palazzi so often the signal is really bad and so you’ll have to sort of toggle between you know one day you’re using your Wi-Fi one day using your phone data because it’s just it’s just this is how it is and of course this is why you’ve moved here for these beautiful palazzi with big thick stone walls so what what can you do also I think it’s nice to – sometimes you want data because you want to go out and sit in the Piazza and you you know maybe you have to check emails or something but you want to get out of the house and be amongst it so next Wi-Fi so Wi-Fi I find per month and you want to get the super fast Wi-Fi and the reason is because you might be lonely a lot of nights or you might just be struggling or you might first move here and just think oh my gosh what have I done and feel really alienated and or you’re just speaking Italian all the time all the time as time and then you get home and perhaps you just like to watch a film in lingua region alley in the original language and so therefore I find it’s it’s quite helpful to be able to stream content because it’s sometimes it’s just just makes you feel a little bit less homesick or a little bit it’s just a nice escapism I talk to a lot of expats you say it’s it’s so crazy all day speaking Italian or trying to understand Italian and then they come home and they just want to watch a nice film and feel ha and in this case obviously you can’t find you’re not going to always be able to find original language content on your television so in that case we’d want to stream it or use YouTube or whatever so so you want super fast Wi-Fi and this costs anywhere between 20 and 40 euro the super fast Wi-Fi is takes a lot to get installed so when you arrive in a place for example I’ve arrived in in places where they had really horribly slow Wi-Fi and I’ve said to the Prophet REO the landlord I will you know go to the trouble of orchestrating getting the fee better put in which is the the super fast line and often they’ll be like no no no but if you’re willing to go to that trouble it’s worth it because then I mean there the quality of the value of their property goes up and so it shouldn’t and it shouldn’t cost that much more it’s actually just you’ve just got to order a new modem and and and be at home and and for the guys to come and install this and all the rest of it so it’s a bit of bother but it’s it’s worth trying to negotiate this with your landlord if you can also generally most places if you’re renting include the Wi-Fi so it depends on where you are but it is fairly standard so you might get lucky and the Wi-Fi might just be included in your rent and this is great you can cross that off the list but I like to account for it because you know sometimes it’s just not for example the place I lived at in Rome I mean I could never upload my YouTube videos using the Wi-Fi it just wasn’t fast enough and and so I was always having to use my phone data to upload videos so this is just something to take into consideration Netflix you might have an explicit count already but if you perhaps you living at home now and you’re just using your parents and it looks like a know you want to consider things like Netflix or audible you know do you want audiobooks try and think about you’re giving yourself a nice little luxury like this if you’re going to be struggling or if you’re going to be without a social life and and you might need as I said the comfort of listening to an audiobook or listening to or watching a film you can choose which ones are applicable to you you might say oh no Kylie Netflix is a is a luxury fine but I’ve just what I want to do is is is be able to give you this really comprehend so if there are lists so that then there’s no surprises and as I said before you might find this whole experience quite overwhelming and depressing and think oh my gosh it cost so much but actually if you do it with your own life living where you live now you’ll equally be surprised because often we’re not even really conscious of how much we’re spending or how much we’re wasting even know like so maybe you’re not if you’re an excellent saver maybe you live quite frugally I don’t know taxis now if you are female and you’re alone I wish an inn and you’re also I don’t know interested in in going out and having these like one night a week or or I don’t know a month or whatever having a really great night out where you’ve sort of out all night until 4:00 a.m. or 5 a.m. dancing going to a club going to a party whatever I would then recommend putting in your budget 10 euro so if you’re living in them in the chance Oracle in the in the center putting aside 10 to 15 euro week for a taxi home because it’s not it’s not that dangerous I find initially I mean I’ve had a lot of problems with strange men following me home in all different countries but initially I felt particularly safe that said I just think this is money well spent you can never be too safe when it comes to going home early in the morning like around 4:00 a.m. you just for me for example this is a priority if I have to if I have to spend 15 or 20 euro for that one Friday night or that one Saturday night where I’m coming home late from a party then we’ve many people probably giving you offering to give you lifts but that also comes with complications you know they might expect bash or something for giving you a massage or a lift but I prefer to be independent so I will oftentimes what I would do is I’d go I will actually go to the club on my bicycle and I would chain my bicycle to the front of the discoteca to the club and then I would cycle home in stiletto heels it’s a it’s an art but you can learn that too but if if you if you don’t do that then yeah just just get a taxi it’s always always best as particularly because you don’t you will probably stick out as a foreigner and so then you could become a bit of a target and so yeah you just just want to invest in your safety boys if you’re male lucky you you don’t have to have that cost okay being social how much is it going to cost you to have friends usually or have a social life well look fortunately the most wonderful thing is that eating out is rather inexpensive even in all the the the big cities you can go to a trattoria which is a more sort of rustic style restaurant and the premi is where you want to go the creamy okay you have the premium this secondi the premia the first coarseness and secondly second course obviously but the second course is like you know your meat and your roast and your fish and all the rest of it the primi is pasta you want to stay in that zone because it’s most plates of pasta will cost between 8 and 12 euro which is which is quite good because they’re always really really good quality and and quite decent servings and I find unfortunately can get difficult because then you’ll go out with people and they’ll be like oh let’s get an antipasto and I’m pre monastic or no indulge you vino and then it’s it can it can all add up with this I find you just need to be quite honest with people and say if they invite you out or whatever or if you sitting there and ordering you say oh I’ve I’m on a bit of a budget and yeah there’s no shame in saying that because ultimately it can be a bit hard to negotiate and or to work out in your mind can I afford to go out do tonight and that’s difficult and in fact in some of the times when I’ve been particularly short on money I mean yeah look when I think about it it actually makes me laugh because I think oh wow it’s been so many so many different periods of my my life here initially but for example I remember times several times when I would pretend to be sick like have a bit of oh I’m fine but I have a bit of a stomach bug or whatever and I would just say that so that I wouldn’t have to partake in the meal because I wouldn’t want to because they didn’t have enough money to do all of the courses or even perhaps even one course but I wanted to go out and be social and then I thought oh I can’t stay home so I would just pretend I would – I’ve got a bit of a stomach thing and then they would say are you sure but actually I would eat before I come out it’s delicious food and and I would think oh I wish I could I wish I could be eating it too but yeah this is just this is just some of the sacrifices you have to you you can make you don’t have to make it but for me I yeah I guess I have this I have this attitude basically it’s like not not much can get me down when it comes to too easily even if it means going out for a dining out for a whole evening and and not and not being able to eat I mean because that was just one period and then when I finally found some more work I got to a period where I was able to go out and I was able to even shout friends and say hey look don’t worry because of you I’ll shout you I don’t know a round of drinks or something which see for me it’s always difficult because people always order so much wine and I don’t drink and then it’s like um and then I you know at the end of the night it would just be this exorbitant bill and I’d only had like I don’t know a couple of fried zucchinis and I’m not so into eating out in restaurants I really because the produce is so good here so even if you’re initially doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be eating out of restaurants because I would go to the markets and buy such wonderful stuff Road go and speak with my local butcher and get a lot of joy out of buying fresh fresh produce and cooking it at home you think I’m crazy don’t you think I’m crazy that I would go out and not eat but it’s not like I was you know anorexic Oh starving myself or anything I just thought like I still want to be social but I’m I was poor in those periods ooh yeah I just said you have to find a way you find a way to make it work and it’s not forever when you’re invited into someone’s home initially it is good manners to always arrive with a little gift something to think them for their hospitality for offering you a free meal it’s it’s very good to do these little things so I will put this into your budget because maybe you’ll go to someone’s house once a month so maybe put it as a monthly cost and I would say that spending mmm I would say 15 euro is 10 to 15 euro is a good it’s a good reasonable average amount so for 10 euro you can get a beautiful bunch of flowers or you could get for like if you get a sari I’m thinking Italian and then translating back to English but if you can get a tub of gelato so quite a common thing is to go to a beautiful gelateria and get quattro Woolsey for flavours and for everyone and then to arrive at a dinner party with that because then it’s quite it’s a nice gesture and then if they already have a cake you know they can also have the gelato on the side or they can keep it in the freezer for later so that’s quite a nice a nice gift if you’re not sure what type of flowers to give or what type of wine to give everyone loves gelato and this is a very easy and polite token gift to arrive with also you know with flowers I mean this is this is another thing I for me flowers it really like there’s something that give me a lot of strength a lot of joy and and so I have flowers in my home every week but anywhere I’ve lived in Italy I tend to develop quite a good relationship with my florist and then you’d always give me little discounts and and and then you know if you go regularly anywhere they’ll they’ll end up giving you some sort of little discount and say are you and this no it’s not just because I’m a female I mean my my parents when they go and stay in places for a month or something and they often develop the same rapport with people I think anyway you go back to frequently they appreciate the loyalty with flowers as well it’s you know they can be quite cheaper in really four euro for a bunch of flowers which is which is not so much beautiful bunch of flowers for four year so I think that this is a little luxury that for a lot of people is is manageable this is this is just an example week it’s not everyone’s week it is the week of a lot of the foreigners that I knew when I lived in Rome and when I lived in Florence and these are people who worked really hard in their own country to save up money so they could afford to live in Italy and then also once they got here found work either remotely in their own countries so that they could work online or we’re also hustling like crazy to do all kinds of jobs in Italy Italians are very social so I remember when I first moved to Rome I couldn’t believe there was a dinner or a party on literally every night of the week univee one day you go to a boxing class but with a three-month membership and going twice a week it would cost about 4 euro math to be Tuesday you go to a friend’s place for dinner and bake them a cake with ingredients costing about 15 Europe America lady Wednesday you buy flowers at the market and have a coffee in the Piazza and chat to your local barista that night you go on a date of a passage Arthur little walk and a to scoop gelato which costs to Europe Java D you’re out to aperitivo in the square then dinner at a restaurant with friends so aperitivo a glass of wine will cost you 3 euro carbonara 8 euro a drink 3 euro and dessert tiramisu for 4 euro you then go out dancing in a club but there is rarely a cover charge for women compared with other places I’ve lived in the world and you ride your bicycle home at sunrise for free then there’ll be a group of friends or a date invites you to spend a weekend on an island near Rome you get a lift to the port but your ferry ticket will be about 26 0 H way you can find super cute little apartments with a view of the sea and if you’re sharing with a partner or a friend that comes to about 20 euro ahead per night so you spend two nights there cooking in the apartment with inexpensive delicious produce from the market so you’re only what’d you buy for groceries at home lad away Nica Sunday you’re back home and on the first Sunday of each month all galleries museums archaeological sites and museums in Italy are free so you go to visit not gallery and then that evening you find a free jazz concert in your Street which happens to me often and you grab a pizza with friends I happen to love the margarita and it only costs 5 euro la Palestra okay the gym you probably are going to say well I’m on a budget I can’t afford gym because you can just run obviously out in this beautiful new city that you’ve moved to that’s very very sensible idea but there is the advantage of going to the classes because you can make friends there at the classes so obviously paying to go and jog on a solitary treadmill with your headphones on obviously that’s not necessarily the you know super advantageous but going to little classes like a dance class like a Pilates class like a boxing class whatever the classes are a great place for you to be more social and start making friends and also to improve your Italian because when you have an instructor up there shouting out all of these all of these these phrases at you and you can see everyone else doing the moves it’s a wonderful way because even if you don’t catch everything that the instructor is saying you can sort of look around and deduce what what they’ve said they’ll always try to to make you feel accepted and you know explain if you’re you know you’re doing the the right leg instead of the left legs Manish [Music] Judy Cavallo booney what Aleman we took a Yalie exercise is super important when you come to Italy look there’s a lot of delicious food and you’re alone and you might be feel a bit lonely and homesick and then there’s the tenant seeds that you might just be getting and not getting out and and also exercising and I think it’s super good for your for your mind to be moving your body and and keeping healthy and and fit so the classes generally are about 10 to 15 euro per class but if you can get a package this is going to be better there are some gyms that are located outside or underneath in a basement they’re really actually quite depressing they’ve got no windows and they can cost as little as 20 euro a month but it’s up to you I mean look when you when you first arrive in a city they will all almost all of them will give you a free class so that’s what I like to do because often it’s it’s difficult for example I find the Pilates classes are usually are really for me they’re not hard enough I don’t find them I mean they just go and everyone has a chat and no one even breaks the sweat I like to try out the classes first and see how it feels and you can absolutely go and ask them if you can do oona prova when I put over is a try and so by doing a try you can have it have a taste of the gym first before you invest that money in a full three-month membership the hairdresser okay so you might want a haircut or you might want to get your hair colored this I mean it may also you might be of an age where you want to cover gray you might want to get a hair color to cover gray hair and in this case you’re lucky because I find that compared with other countries around the world Italy is has excellent they have excellent hairdressers some of the best in the world I think and also very reasonable prices okay so this is a price list of a hair salon in me ah no these are very good prices so it will go I mean more high-end salons will charge a bit more but not much more Taleo APA go warmer means men’s cut and dry Dalia cappella Dona it literally means Thalia cut Capelli hair Dona woman note there it says oppression delay Dallas William gets it which means irrespective of length PA acapella Donna is a woman’s blow-dry or blow wave balayage is universal reflex antique Avenue Donna okay now you see below here it says lady Oliver completely prima capella Bianchi the ideal for covering the first white hairs then we have called police or lame this is highlights and you see there it says court or lungo which is short or long and underneath it says there is no Chioma cure lies that for a Mane or a head of hair that cries out summer just a quick note about hair because a lot of you ask where we know what I do with my hair or what to ask for when you’re in an Italian hairdresser you what you want is a PA ger a PA ger is oh it’s the short way of saying is is a blow dryer blow wave and oh my gosh they’re just the best in the world I have tried in LA New York Toronto Paris London Sydney even some of the best hairdressers in the world they can’t do it as well as the Italians literally nobody in the world does it as good as Italians and I think it’s because they used to women with really thick hair but also they’re using this quite vintage technique they don’t you know anglo-saxon countries obsessed with using straighteners and curling irons and ghd’s which is so bad they just fry your hair but initially they have a little bit more of a of an old-fashioned technique which is to pull and twist the hair at the same time which overseas I’ve tried to show them a video of my Italian hairdresser doing it mixes yeah I know I know that and they’re really up market hair salons so they think that they know this is technique but they don’t they don’t because they’re when I get it done overseas it lasts well to three days in humidity and rain initially I can go two weeks get two weeks if I don’t if you don’t have a problem with not washing your hair but it’s so so durable it makes your hair feel so glossy and it’s actually healthier for your hair because you’re not frying it with that heat and yeah it’s just really wonderful but the thing is that Italians we can go into a hair salon they can do it with the ghd’s often if you’re a foreigner they’ll think that’s what you want but if you ask no no so look on the phone the head hair dryer and and the and the round brush and and it’s yeah if you’re looking for example for a general cut with layers and a blow-dry this would be 60 euro in a lot of places if you’re looking for a full head of foils and if you like if you’re covering gray fortunately I’m not at the stage where I need to cover gray yet but I know that for a lot of women it’s it’s quite an expensive ordeal to you know be able to have to cover gray is quite complicated and you need to get foils and then have it color as were toner as well and so this is between 150 and 200 euro and then you would need to do that obviously very clear sheet are the regrowth is every three months so this is something to factor in as well if if if not maybe maybe you just cut your hair yourself I’ve certainly done that a lot of times just put my hair in a plat and snip off the end so if that might save you money therapy okay a lot of expats her struggle mentally and you can sometimes feel like a bit of a failure because there’s that linguistic challenge every day and it’s hard to make friends and it’s hard to get a job and it’s hard to you you had this big dream and then you finally get here and then you think oh no I’m not I’m not succeeding at this this thing that I wanted for so long don’t be hard on yourself it’s it’s if first of all it will get easier but not straight away and I think that if you know a lot of a lot of I know a lot of foreigners who have needed therapy when they get here now this for many years I always thought of therapy such a luxury like why would you why would you spend money on a therapist you can really do that if you’re if you’re in a particularly good position financially but now obviously as we know mental health is is actually is that it should be a priority for most of us particularly younger people who you know it can lead to some some really sort of dangerous states of mind and so if you find that you are needing a therapist or if you have a tendency to to suffer from depression and anxiety this might be something that you want to consider now too there are English speaking therapists and I find that the english-speaking ones will generally charge 50 euro an hour so you can decide how often you want to see them but you might want to consider that into your budget as I say it can’t hurt just to add in everything and just say right worst worst possible case scenario I’ve learned I can’t get a job I’m depressed blah blah so take you know into account everything and then knowledge is power and knowledge is also I find in the end it’s serenity because to arrive in a place and have be surprised by all these unforeseen costs is it’s just a recipe for disaster it’s a recipe for making life harder for yourself if you plan before you go which is what I did I think you have a much better shot of really establishing a long term life here or having fun even if you have one year like just really being able to live that year to the maximum the gift I did get from my particularly for my mother is she’s she was really wonderful in teaching us how to indulge in in moments and and you know make sure you’re not just living a life where you’re always clinging on to funds and never actually living life but she also taught me how to really save and how to always I guess think laterally because in fact it’s a very Italian mentality to is like to always think there’s not just there’s not just one way to arrive at your at your goal that your objective you can find al Solutions for example like I remember when we were young like we would go to the cinema and you know how that the popcorn is always music really expensive or we would never buy the popcorn at the cinema we would always make our own popcorn at home and then take it in the car and then and then and carry it and sneak it into the cinema each to his own I mean if you can if you can just be forgiving and understand that there is no one way to live there’s no right way to live and no one’s an authority on how to live what is the quintessential experience of any country I mean any country has so many layers so many different ways to live this is this is my experience you might go up or you might come to Italy and have an entirely different one but the important thing is to not to not give up yeah remember all through that just as I’ve said there’ll be unforeseen costs there will also be unforeseen gifts that come into your into your life into your day do leave me a comment and I’ll try to reply to you thank you for watching and good luck with your dream.

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