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Sorrento in Vespa

Aside from eating delicious Italian food there’s one thing I always wanted to do and that’s to rent a Vespa and ride the Amalfi Coast [Music] it’s hard to explain why something can be made we live Castro Dave all cheer and now on our way to an amazing B&B in Sorrento it’s about a two hour drive very much [Music] for our arms from that follow the Rosa this place it’s amazing first let me give you a quick room tour of the house there’s an open-plan living area with TV and fireplace a nun suite with shower and toilet a modern kitchen with all amenities there’s even grocery items at supermarket price it’s a one-bedroom place with a huge room and an amazing view there’s a modern bathroom with laundry facilities and this has to be the best view in Sorrento [Music] we walk from our B&B to the heart of Piazza Tasso the main square of Sorrento where you will also find for no bar [Music] it’s a perfect place to enjoy a drink a pizza and simply watch the world go by [Music] I’m buying a few ingredients for tonight’s meal [Music] I’m making a vegetarian pasta with cherry tomatoes zucchini olives fresh basil and pecorino cheese [Music] we bought this one at a local winery it’s so enjoyable it’s beautiful a big rain cloud on the way I don’t know if we’re gonna be here for too much longer see it coming across the back and so it did [Music] [Music] good morning [Music] [Music] Joel can’t find his glasses sunglasses today we gonna go and rent a scooter somewhere winter and then we’ll try and follow the coast way the way to Positano [Music] that’s hysterical [Music] after getting some fuel we were on our way to Positano [Music] I can’t begin to describe how much pharmacies [Music] now a 30 budges father coast I couldn’t go wrong right but still I got lost but who cares in these beautiful locations [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay so if you come to Positano by car best to arrive very early or very late because this isn’t even peak season yet these cars are literally stopped and they’re not moving let’s see if we can overtake them I hope there’s not a big bus coming but the idea is to find gaps in between cars just in case look at all these cars completely stopped it’s a bit tight but I’m so glad I’m on a Vespa let’s go on this side instead a little tight yeah we’ll make it through and they let us through back to normal [Music] Positano has to be one of the prettiest places in the world unfortunately I think the whole world seems to know it [Music] boy am I glad I’m not driving a bus [Music] we continued past Positano and then stopped near Muffy for our lunch [Music] it’s so much quieter here check out the beer [Music] I ordered the light beam because on the Vespa and I don’t want too much up [Music] we’re having pizza with grill vegetables and a Mediterranean salad with tuna anchovies and fresh mozzarella [Music] okay now back to Positano [Music] Positano is known as the vertical city that’s because you’ll find a panorama of vertical colored houses now these vertical houses come with endless flights of steps so if you come here you better be fear this is the largest beach on the Amalfi Coast and therefore it attracts a lot of visitors including many celebrities and actors I think it’s time for another Amalfi beer this beer has a citrus flavor four tiers if you like shopping the boutique shops here are incredible [Music] let’s pay for parking and now back to Sorrento [Music] a quick meal and time for bed today is shopping day Sorrento is a shopping Haven you find streets lined with shops and old narrow lanes that are full of character there’s plenty of places to sample food these biscuits have a soft creamy Center you take one bite and your halt I’m sure that’s why they’re giving him away for free I had to buy a couple boxes even huge was having a great time with his new friends [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] all these beautiful food smells of making us hungry for lunch we had a margherita pizza and Allah Sania I think the Weider’s love watching the girls [Music] when visiting Italy you need to buy Italian linen shirts [Music] just getting some sticker rate up it’s a noise pop thank you [Music] tonight we’re catching up with some friends we made on our last trip I picked him up on the base bar [Music] and we had a fight [Music] this is my last espresso coffee at this beautiful little B&B we’re now on our way to Rome where we’re gonna stay one night and then off to Dubai oh we’re gonna miss this place time to return the best fun [Applause] [Music] [Music] just arrived at the Sorrento train station now we’re going to find some tickets to get to learn not sure when the train through whinnies the nukes train and just made it back on the train and we’re on our way to Nepali because those guys tried to run also like each try this training [Music] we’ve made it to the body they were going to catch a train to ride at least this guy was happy to be on a recipe 30 vlog need a toilet it’ll cost you 1 euro we upgraded from first class to executive class for 10 cents each this gave us access to the lounge along with food and drinks so this is different this is executive [Music] I’ve never traveled in such class before on a train all for $0.10 each upgrade beyond the summer night shot 11 Sparkle left breathe start the line and the month I’m bad burn back drying out that taken illegal tax information detective wives taxes illegal [Music] no idea where we are [Music] hello thank you ah no no no hexie left us in the streets do you realize so far we didn’t know too long why we need exercise weights and a pasta the room was nice and spacious and the bathroom rose very yellow the next day a quick breakfast and off to the airport devildis broke today so my beautiful recipe 30 suitcase I need replacing now we’re now on our way to Dubai it’s very into fine today [Music] naptime is my next vlog you won’t believe what you buy has to offer you.

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